Good Morning Class

I am your Electronic Evaluation Assistant and I am one of the evaluation proctors from the Center of Testing and Evaluation (CTE).

Purpose: The Faculty Evaluation is administered every school term. The overall objective of the Faculty Evaluation is to improve the quality of instruction in the University. We would like you to evaluate the teaching performance of your professor in his/her particular subject, time and room.

Directions: Rate as honestly as you can the concerned faculty by clicking the radio button according to the following scale:
5 = Always
4 = Frequently
3 = Sometimes
2 = Rarely
1 = Never
NA = No chance to observe
Remember that you are rating his/her total performances for the whole semester, not on a particular instance or time. You are given a maximum of 30 minutes to evaluate all your instructors/professor. Please feel free to approach the Proctors in case you encounter any problem or difficulty during the evaluation period. Rest assured that all your ratings/answers/remarks/comments will be held in strict confidence.

After the testing session, may we request you go back to your respective classes with the evaluation proctors.
Do you have any questions? If none, you may START! Thank you.